Zoelie J. Mah

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Zoelie is a bona fide blogger who isn’t shy with her honesty and has a full passion for documenting her opinions, experiences, journeys and etc. She has been writing since April 2013 and she had never stopped ever since.

She finds a lot of joy in give the utmost authentic reviews and detailed steps-by-steps to give her audiences a better view on the topic in order for them to visualize themselves indulging in those experiences. Incorporating high-quality photographs, detailed write-up, genuine reviews, and efforts on page layout, every post is made with passion and devotion.

Zoelie has worked with many brands and companies to deliver truthful and genuine product reviewing. The brands/companies include but not limited to: The Butterfly Project, Althea Korea, StyleKorean, Neogen Korea, Heimish Korea, COSRX Korea, Neutrogena, Dollywink Japan, Swanicoco Korea, and more. Zoelie is also an ambassador for Althea Korea under the group – Althea Angels and a moderator for The Butterfly Project Group Page.

Skills included: content writing, photography, videography, social media marketing, photo editing (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom), video editing (Adobe Premier), WordPress, Woocommerce, and more.

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**Note: I am only available through the above social media platforms. If you see me from other platforms, especially dating apps, it is not me.